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    • CommentAuthorkmei4545
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2018
    The use of raymond mill is largely determined by the quality of the equipment, but the correct maintenance of the equipment can extend the use of the mill to a certain extent. Combined with Raymond mill market conditions, the Shanghai Machinery Association on the industry in some of the outstanding Raymond mill manufacturers to investigate the important parameters of the mill and the daily maintenance.

    In the survey conducted by the Shanghai World Bank, the state's engineers specifically stressed the impact of lubrication on the life of raymond mill, and analyzed and summarized the lubrication mechanism of the equipment and parts lubrication method. From the enterprise, the production equipment types, all the equipment needs maintenance, it should establish an effective Raymond milling maintenance mechanism, send someone responsible for the testing and management of the mill, regular lubrication.

    At present, Raymond mill prices have been living in the industry level, but a good lubrication maintenance mechanism can extend the service life of equipment, reduce equipment use costs. From the equipment, the central task of maintenance is to control the temperature of the equipment. This requires the use of high temperature resistant materials, improve mechanical wear resistance, but also the use of lubricants on the equipment maintenance.
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    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2019 edited
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