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    Transform Your Tiny Space into a Magical “Nursery Nook” in Just 6 Steps!

    AdvertisementEven when you are living in a small space, you can definitely create a cozy and beautiful nook for your little one. I’ve seen some moms create a mini nursery space in their bedroom, in a large walk-in closet, or in a very small room. It’s easy to think you need lots of gear and room for baby, but when they are little,baby safety, they just need the essentials to feel comfortable and happy!Here are six steps for making the most of your mini nursery.1. Start with a cozy crib with statement bedding.Of course, you’ll want a cozy crib for your little one to have sweet dreams in! Depending on the size of your space you can either go with a standard size crib or look for smaller crib/bassinet options. One way to really dress up a mini nursery is to use fun bedding that really leaves a statement! We love how cute and colorful Soren’s Finding Nemo bedding is! It’s a great way to define the space and make a small room or nook feel decorated. Be sure to check out Disney Baby’s other bedding sets!variesHUGGIES® Little Snugglers2. Set up an essentials station.This is probably one of the most important pieces to add to your nursery! Keep and organize all of your most used essentials in this space. I love using a wheeled cart as an essentials station,baby toys, so it’s easy to move and thin enough to store easily in a small space! So what should you include in your essentials station? Check out the list below! I’ve also included a few links to some of our Disney Baby favorites!DiapersWipesBaby powder / diaper rash creamHand sanitizerBaby lotionCombFirst aid care (can be stored in a small box) – fingernail clippers, Tylenol, suction bulb, teething tablets, thermometerBurp clothsExtra blanketsPacifiersA few toys and teethersAnd if you don’t have room for a changing table/dresser, you can include a travel changing mat at your essentials station so you can easily change baby on the floor, bed, or other safe surface.3. Add a chair.Depending on your space, you can either invest in a small rocking chair or a slightly bigger one. This is a great way to soothe baby when he/she wakes up in the middle of the night. It’s also comfortable for nursing,baby nappies, bottle feeding, and story time! We use our chair ALL the time. If this nursery space will be in your bedroom, find a chair that goes with your decor!4. Convert your dresser to a changing table.One of the most space efficient hacks is to use a small dresser as a changing table. You can easily purchase a changing pad and screw it in securely to the top of a dresser. These also gives you space to store extra diapers, clothes and gear that you need for baby!5. Get creative with storage!Have a lot to store but still not enough space? Check out some of these easy storage hacks!Purchase a crib with built in drawers at the bottom or purchase thin storage containers you can slide under the crib.Securely hang floating shelves and use baskets to store items.Make the most of your essentials station too!6. Add your final touches.Now that you’ve created a space using the essentials and adorable bedding, it’s time to add a little extra dash of magic to make the space special, no matter how small!Hang a felt or paper pendant banner for a pop of color.Hang a few pieces of art. (remember to hang everything securely and out of baby’s reach!)Add in a few plush favorites to personalize the space.Find a decorative pillow and fun colors to add to your chair.Pick an essentials station cart and/or dresser with a fun color or paint it a beautiful color!Incorporate your bedding theme into other areas of the space.Best wishes on creating a special space for baby!Experience the comfort of Huggies Little Snugglers
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      • CommentTimeApr 7th 2018
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