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    • CommentAuthorNick
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2008 edited

    Exporting RGB colour-rendered point clouds

    One of the most hard to find, yet powerful export features of I.M. is the facility to
    export TIN nodes as xyz points along with RGB colour values taken from the photo texture,
    essentially giving a deliverable analogous to a laser scan point cloud.

    To do this, create a TIN at the desired mesh interval as usual then:

    Choose File > Export
    Select "Points" (as opposed to point cloud)

    A dialogue will now appear asking for which elements of the model to export. Choose DXF
    and TIN vertices

    Click OK and another dialogue now appears where you need to choose "9" as the number of
    columns to export and tick the box at the bottom for "colour from texture"

    Click OK and the number of exported points will be displayed.

    The resulting .csv file can now be imported into visualisation software such as
    Pointools for animation.

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