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    • CommentAuthorNick
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2008 edited

    Using the "Remeasure" tool to link adjacent pairs of images

    If you want to link adjacent image pairs using common tie points (remember 3 minimum)
    and did not do it using the above tip, then this tip serves as the next fastest and most
    accurate way of linking adjacent pairs of images.

    1. Holding down the control button, click on the four images you wish to open e.g.
    left and right of the first pair and left and right of the next pair. Right click the
    mouse and select "open images"
    2. Identify a tie point you have already picked that is visible in images 1 and 2 on the
    first pair - and that are visible in image 3 and 4 of the second pair. (note that the
    already-picked tie points will be shaded green indicating that they are common to one
    pair of photos).

    3. Make sure the zoom viewports are set up to display the feature you are going to use as
    a tie point.

    4. Right click on the tie point in image 1 that you wish to use as a common point on all
    four images and choose the option "Remeasure"

    5. This will highlight the selected tie point with a green cross. Now activate the
    auto-correlator (centre scroll wheel of mouse or binocular icon). Hopefully I.M. will
    autodetect the tie point feature on all four images.

    6. If this is true, now click the "Remeasure" button. If correlation fails, you can click
    on a new feature on image 1 and try again.

    You should now see your four tie points linking pair one and pair 2 coloured Yellow.
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