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    • CommentAuthorkmei4545
    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2019
    As everyone knows, stone is the main energy in China, the development and the use of coal, not only to the social economy plays a great role in promoting, at the same time also had a major impact on the environment. And this year, the quarry crusher industry in the full implementation of safety regulation, reorganization, restructuring, operation regulation, an adjustment of the interests of all parties to the integration of stone resources in a certain extent, dragged down the financial revenue growth.

    At this time, in order to reduce the fiscal revenue, ongoing industrial restructuring, integration of stone resources, the role of recombination in gradually, some small stone mine enterprises or non stone mining enterprises stipulated by the laws and administrative regulations have been ordered to shut down. So the integration of stone resources in stone boss where are we going evelopment and Reform Commission bulletin, 650000000000 yuan investment project 2009-2010 years the government focuses on the regulation of private open to, this may be an opportunity to stone boss transformation.

    Stone resources integration at this time to the crusher with hitherto unknown development opportunity, aggregate the highway, railway, bridge, construction and other required all cannot do without aggregate process machine. In short, whether the stone gangue used for which way, the ultimate stone gangue is by the quarry crusher , Raymond mill, overpressure ladder mill, vertical mill, European ladder mill classification processing and comprehensive utilization equipment. The main waste stone gangue and stone seam gas is stone development process, has long been the quarry crusher industry as the harmful substances and gas disaster.