Boundary Surveys in Alaska using aerial photogrammetry

A handy combination of training for a new customer and acquisition of a live job was carried out by TerraDat staff and Tananachiefs Conference at the remote Native Indian town of Huslia in Alaska. The aim of the work was to use PI-3000 photogrammetry to produce an ortho photo of the settlement that could be then used as a basis for

marking out individual plot boundaries of land owners. The photos acquired with a Canon EOS 5D (8 pairs) were modeled using PI-3000 to produce excellent results. Total processing time – 1/2 day.

R44 Helicopter refuelling

Photo acquisition

GPS survey of ground control

Oblique view of survey area

orthophoto photogrammetry

resulting ortho photo of town (click for larger image with CAD plan overlay)

You can download the two instalments of the article here: part 1 | part2