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    • CommentAuthorKingang
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2021 edited
    Just like they said above, fighter torso is the way to go, and you can use it right now if you should receive it. For those legs, personally I enjoy Verac's skirt for its own prayer bonus (and manliness). Even in the event that you don't pray for your whole undertaking, you might too use up your base prayer points on like superhuman strength (+10% power to the first part of your job is really fine ), along with the prayer bonus only causes it to go that much farther.

    About the superb sets, super strength and attack are a must on all activities, but super defenses you might wish to just bring if you find you're hit a lot on a single particular task. In any case, superb guards are extremely cheap in comparison with others, plus they just concern with them is they take up inventory space. One more thing that you should pick up is a DDS for your spec weapon (if you haven't already). It is inexpensive, and has a fantastic offensive unique that can minutely speed up your task (if anything it makes you feel good getting two great stacked hits).

    If you plan on slaying a good deal, you should make an effort and work toward completing the Hard Seer's Village diary, as the Improved Excalibur is a superb healing booster weapon (+200 lp every 5 minutes is nothing to sneer at). It's some high demands, but it is definitely worth it. Have fun slaying.Im finally getting a hang together with keying adapting to my reduced absolute and everything figuring out what to get it done worsecase scenarious to guardian door priorities but today is where I want to genuinely practice keying and see my"authentic" times using an ideal team.

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