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    • CommentAuthorkmei4545
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2021
    The accumulator plays the role of energy storage, pressure maintaining, shock absorption and shock absorption in hydraulic system. However, if ultrafine vertical mill is in unstable operation, the stretching rod acts frequently or the action range is too large, the nitrogen air bag shrinks frequently, which will cause the nitrogen airbag to burst.

    The nitrogen in the accumulator airbag works like a gas spring. The pressure transmission is accomplished by the transmission of hydraulic oil. Therefore, the slight change of pressure will affect the flow of oil and will cause elastic buffer.

    If the nitrogen airbag is damaged or the pressure is low, it is impossible to absorb the impact on the hydraulic system due to the thickness change of the material layer of the grinder, and the vibration of ultrafine vertical mill increases, It is easy to cause frequent fracture of the bolt of the tensile rod and the stretching rod.