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    • CommentAuthorkmei4545
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2021
    Therefore, the reason of ling damage must be found in time, replaced and supplemented.

    It is very important to judge the quality of ultrafine vertical mill quickly and accurately in the process of vertical grinding. The simplest diagnosis method is to analyze and diagnose by "touch", "measure" and "look" by the experience accumulated by operators and simple instruments to identify the causes and positions of the fault.

    Touch is to judge the quality of vertical mill by touching the temperature of the accumulator shell by hand. If the temperature of the accumulator shell is close to the oil temperature, it indicates that the accumulator works normally; If the temperature is obviously high or low, and the bottom of the accumulator is accompanied with a knock sound, it means that the accumulator is damaged, and the accumulator will not play the role of buffering and damping after the ling is damaged. Therefore, the damaged accumulator shall be repaired in time and the airbag or check valve shall be replaced.