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Capture Reality User Group - How to draw polylines over stereo images in the stereo screen
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    • CommentAuthorNick
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2010
    A lot of new users and testers of Imagemaster have trouble at the stage of drawing linework on stereo images following successful image orientation. The notes below should help with this as well as reveal some useful shortcuts.

    1. Aim for each node of the polyline to be on the same point on the left and right images. (There is an image correlation tool that helps you do this - see below).

    2. Choose polyline nodes on features that are obvious such as high contrast areas such as a light spot against a dark background, the end of a crack etc. Avoid features where small XY offsets could lead to large Z errors such as the corner of a building or a box.

    3. Position the crosshair cursor on the left image over the distinct feature (e.g. white spot on a wall) for your first polyline node then using the mouse scrollwheel, move the crosshair cursor on the right image to approximately the same position.

    4. Now enable the image correlation tool. This is done by either pressing the [SPACE] bar, or clicking the Binocular icon on the toolbar. Having done this, move the mouse a tiny amount and a red or green circle will appear around the LHS crosshair.

    5. A red circle means that no correlation could be made between pixels on the left and right hand images. A green circle means that Imagemaster has found a match and the right hand cursor will snap to wherever the left hand cursor moves. It should now be easy to digitize polyline nodes.

    WARNING! Always double check that the image correlation tool has found the correct position on the RHS image of the stereo pair. Occasionally where repeating patterns are present such as brick walls, it may choose the wrong point in which case reposition the crosshairs using the centre scroll wheel.

    NOTE! The pixel correlation tool may fail in areas where there is insufficient contrast to work such as dark shadows, overexposed areas or areas lacking in texture. The whole photogrammetry process relies on mapping textural features in the images.

    USEFUL TIP! Zoom in to areas of detail on your stereo images to improve the accuracy of polyline digitizing. Pressing the [Z] key is a useful shortcut. Other useful key shortcuts at this stage of the process are:

    M - to enable panning (move). Pressing this key again disables panning and allows digitizing to resume.
    X - if the left hand crosshair is hard to find, especially in images with a large amount of parallax, this will re-centre the left and right cursors.
    C - to close a polyline (e.g. around building openings or if defining a polyline inside which to create a surface TIN mesh).
    O - end polyline digitizing and leave it open (e.g. if putting in breaklines to control TIN shape)
    Z - zoom, as above and press again to disable zooming.
    [Page Down / Up] switch to the next stereo image pair (if applicable to your project). Polylines can be continued onto adjacent pairs.

    USEFUL TIP! a very fast way of accurately digitizing polylines is to convert tie points placed during image orientation to physical xyz points on the stereo images. To do this:

    1. After completing image orientation calculation (calculator icon), click the "Calculated Coordinates" tab on the results dialogue that pops up.

    2. At the bottom of this dialogue box, click the "Register Coordinates" button.

    3. Your tie points will now show up as + on the stereo images.

    4. For fast digitizing of tie points, click SNAP and POINT on the polyline dialogue that appears on the top left of the stereo screen.

    5. Place your polyline nodes by clicking on points on the left hand image only. IM will snap to these on the left and right images.
    • CommentAuthorSteve Bury
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2013
    Please can you make a video of this, I don't seem to be able to do this. Any help would be appreciated.
    • CommentAuthorMike
    • CommentTimeMar 14th 2013
    At what point do you get stuck?
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