Stockpile Volumes

Photogrammetry is a computer based process that performs 3-D measurement from digital photographs. The Imagemaster software conducts 3-D measurements from stereo images – two images taken from different angles to the
left and a right – of the object of measurement.

The resulting model 3-D surface is accurate often on a sub-centimetre level which makes it ideal for field mapping. The example below was created using a stereo pair of images taken from a helium balloon. The resulting model was used to work out the volume of the stockpile read more

Quarry Stockpile

An aerial perspective is best for large targets such as stockpiles, and we have developed a highly stable all-weather helium balloon / kite hybrid photographic platform.

The data is co-ordinated into the real world through the use of wooden targets placed on the ground and surveyed using RTK GPS.