Imaging Total Stations

Topcon’s GPT-7000i incorporates imaging technology that allows the image seen through the telescope to be viewed on the display screen of the instrument. This should make it easier to point the telescope to the required object for measurement. Instead of only the traditional map view of the surveyed points on the screen, the user now sees the measured points and lines appear on the real view of the area being measured.

Capture reality! don’t just measure it!
With its integrated digital camera technology, the Topcon GPT-7000i imaging
total station makes your field data come alive. Captured job site photos are
incorporated into your measurement data, or use the onboard imaging
technology to superimpose design points or stakeout points. By adding
optional digital imaging software you can combine multiple job site photos
and create 3D models and point clouds! Never miss a required shot

Reality captured for results unimaginable.

GPT-7000i Series Features:

  • Dual-view integrated CCD camera: wide and finder view
  • Windows CE.NET 4.2 operating system
  • Extra-large QVGA LCD TFT color display
  • Pinpoint reflectorless measuring up to 250m
  • Single prism measuring up to 3000m

Advanced Long Range Prismless Measurement

The GPT-7000 series gives you up to 250m reflectorless range, the longest in
its class! Measure up to 3000m with a prism. The unique dual optical EDM
design takes pulse laser reflectorless measurement to a higher level. Even at
long distances, it maintains focused beam accuracy and allows you to measure
only the target you select.

Windows CE

Windows CE technology on the GPT-7000 total station provides a bright graphic
display, touch screen display, more functionality, better support for
standard accessories like Bluetooth� wireless
technology, and more available software. It provides the ideal user interface
for an integrated, on-board solution for the GPT-7000 total stations.

Our robust 32-bit multitasking environment allows application developers to
get the best out of our modern microprocessor design.

GUI (Graphical User Interface) Boosts Your Productivity At Topcon efficiency
and productivity are our priority. By adopting the latest
Windows� CE technology, Topcon brings the advantages of
the GUI (Graphical User Interface) to a Total Station. The large 3.5 inch TFT
color LCD display is large and bright enough for you to view all your data at
a glance. In bright sunlight, it adjusts automatically so you can see the
display clearly. And the added advantage of a touch screen increases the
convenience and ease of use of the GPT-7000 series. Whether you are an
experienced user or just a beginner, the graphical interface and intuitive
design will allow you to get up and running in no time.

Laser Pointer and Point Guide

The GPT-7000 series is equipped with a visible red laser point to identify
the point being measured without looking through the telescope. This is a
Class 2 laser and can easily be turned on and off by a simple key press. All
models come standard with Point Guide, the Topcon system of 2 LED lights to
assist stake-out, by indicating the correct setting out direction.

Download the GPT-7000i
full specification sheet